About this Tumblelog

After much ado about nothing, I am back to updating this tumblelog…
my goal here is simple, to assemble all of the bits & pieces of inspirational imagery that I find on the web into one repository.

I try and find about 10 worthy images a day now that in some way or another mirror inspirations found around my own day. Images that prove,

Why We Flourish

We troll the web and often come across great art, ideas, people, places, spaces and even just things that make us re:consider, re:think or just cherish & smile.

This is where we keep them all and share them with you.

If you dig Why We Flourish
and it helps with Why You Flourish

Please Share it with Others so They May Flourish.

A small bit of warning…I am not adverse to posting just about anything that stokes my fire.  I am neither embarrassed or shy about what makes the world around me turn. That being said my post choices are usually extremely tastefull so you can exhale now ; )

So by all means, if you find anything offensive or distasteful, call your therapist.  You can also post a comment, but hate mongering or just downright negative commentary will be ignored.


  1. lisa says:

    Love the site! Saw your post on Quentins. Love meeting like minded folks and fellow cyclists!

  2. admin says:

    Thank You so much! I try to update it daily so keep checking back!


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